ADHD-ADD Children… 3 Tips on How to Cope!

ADHD children have trouble paying attention in school and at home. I suffer from ADHD so when my son was diagnosed with the same disorder, I was not surprised. Like all ADHD children, my son too is extremely active and impulsive. Initially he was seen as being difficult and having behavioral problems but thanks to the information I have and my own personal experience, we were able to get it diagnosed and start a treatment regimen.

There are many ADHD children in the United States. My son is not an anomaly because nearly 4 to 12 percent of school going children have ADHD, and it is more common in boys than girls. ADHD children are seen everywhere. Some of son’s friends also have ADHD.

1. While it was easy for my family to accept my son’s condition, the same cannot be said about others. Most ADHD children are not diagnosed with the disorder and left on the fringes of society not knowing what the matter with them is. It is a sad fact because many parents do not want to think about having ADHD children so they just ignore the issue and pretend that either their children are too naughty or just stupid.

2. However, if you suspect that your child has ADHD, I would recommend immediately consulting a doctor. Having ADHD children is not a stigma. Instead by getting proper treatment and understanding the issue, you will be able to handle your child and his ADHD better.

When my son was taken to the doctor on suspicion of ADHD, the doctor spent some time getting as much information as possible on my son’s behavior from people who knew him. This meant that he asked us questions, my son’s teachers as well as other family members. The doctor then compared my son’s behavior to other children’s behavior. My son also underwent vision and hearing tests to rule out anything other problem. This is the standard procedure for diagnosing ADHD children.

Today, my son takes medication to control his hyperactive behavior and in addition, he visits a psychologist where he undergoes behavioral therapy. All in all, the treatment is helping my son and he is feeling much better, which makes us very happy.

3. As a parent and an ADHD sufferer, I know that all ADHD children need more structure in their lives. So along with my spouse and son, we have some ground rules that my son needs to follow. This means having a written schedule for everything, having simple house rules, ensuring that my son understands what we want him to do or not to do, supervising him at all times and rewarding him for good behavior. Where school grades are concerned, my spouse and I know that ADHD children need to be rewarded for finishing their homework and school assignments rather than being harped about their grades; and that is exactly what we do. Of course, we do reward him for getting better grades.

It is tough being parents of ADHD children but a little effort can go a long way in helping and making everyone’s life a lot easier.

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