Address Our Mess is Tackling Extreme Hoarding in Philadelphia

Extreme Hoarding

“Getting level 5 hoarding situations cleaned up is the only way to prevent possible accidents and injury.”

Address Our Mess is cleaning up extreme hoarding situations in Philadelphia.

When psychologists diagnose hoarding, they usually determine where a hoarder falls on a scale from 1 through 5. Hoarding begins at level two where common obstacles may include pests, odors, and blockages, but it gets life threatening at level 5. In level 5 hoarding situations, there can be a number of problems with the home, ranging from completely blocked off rooms to biohazards.

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization describes level 5 homes as “requiring intervention from a wide range of professionals.” These kinds of hoarding situations often have fire hazards, health hazards, sanitation issues, and more. It’s extremely dangerous for anyone to enter these homes, let alone live in them, because of the potential for trip-and-fall injuries and injuries from falling piles of clutter.

These kinds of situations need immediate attention because the longer a person lives in a hoarded home, the more likely they will be injured. If an accident happens in a severely hoarded home, it’s extremely difficult for emergency response professionals to access the home and help. Simple accidents can end up in severe injury or fatality as a result.

It’s unsafe for anyone to live with level 5 hoarding conditions and getting these homes cleaned up is the only way to prevent possible accidents and injury. Address Our Mess is here to help occupants in Philadelphia in this situation.

Address Our Mess’s teams understand that homeowners in these situations often have trouble letting go of belongings, so they set out with the…

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