ACOPower Releases Pegasus P600, the Next Generation in Portable Power Solution

Pegasus for Camping

Today, ACOPower, a company focused in power solutions for outdoor activities and off-grid systems, announced the launch of an innovative and clean portable power station, the PEGASUS. With its various types of ports and a 595Wh total output, PEGASUS can charge up to 9 devices simultaneously while providing illumination with its built-in LED light panel and flashlight. It has a wide range of applications from camping and outdoor construction to emergency needs. PEGASUS combines pleasing aesthetics, multiple charging capabilities, contains an extensive number of output ports, and boasts one of the highest power outputs on the market today. PEGASUS is currently available for the early bird price of $368 (Please visit Indiegogo page)

Its large power capacity allows the PEGASUS to be extremely versatile. The 595Wh power output provides the ability to fully charge your phone over 80 times, a laptop over 10 times, powers a lamp for over 145 hours and an electric razor for over 300 hours. The flexibility in what the PEGASUS can power makes it an ideal power solution for outdoor activities. Our team added a flashlight with SOS function, so that it can serve as an emergency power solution for areas prone to natural disasters or emergencies.

The PEGASUS combines many technologies for the convenience of its customers. It is equipped with a pure sine wave inverter and a battery management system that continuously protects the circuit and battery of your PEGASUS and devices. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging technology allows PEGASUS to be charged using solar panels with a wide range of output voltages, making it compatible with most solar panels. The PEGASUS may be charged using a wall outlet and solar panel at the same time, reducing the charge time to 7.5 hours. The LED screen displays battery percentage, tracks charging and usage of the 9 independent output ports in real-time.

Product Specifications


Battery Capacity- 595Wh, Lithium

Weight- 11.5 lbs

Size- 10.6×6.3×12.5in


DC- 5-32V, 5A Max; Solar Panel- 13–45V, 5A Max


Universal solar charging (5V-32V), car port and wall charging


2x DC output; 2x USB, 1x USB QuickCharge; 1x USB Type-C; 1x Car Port

2x AC output

Camping with your dog? Bonfires with friends? Restoring power to a hurricane-impacted area? The application of the PEGASUS is only limited by your imagination. ACOPower has seven years of experience in providing power generation, storage, and electrical appliances. We have listened to the demands for portable power from many of our customers and have spent two years designing the PEGASUS. With the PEGASUS power station you can be sure that your next experience will be an enjoyable one. For more information, please contact us at support(at)acopower(dot)com


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