A read on Ideal Furnace Air Filters

Air filters in furnaces play an important role in the performance of the furnace. There are some topmost qualities of furnace air filters which are electrostatically charged. These furnace air filters are made of 100% synthetic media and also offer higher particles related efficiency than the regular air filters that are made of poly media or cotton media pleated fibres. They also do not have much change in static pressure.

Air filters in furnace should be such that they do not help growth of mould, fungi, bacteria or mildew in the environments, where we operate normally, and has not been treated chemically. Merv 7 pleated air filters for furnace is designed in a very scientific manner. The air furnace filters are upgraded and are ideal air filters, from that of the disposable panel filters that are available.

The latest and the most upgraded air furnace filters last up to 3 months before you change again. There are many grades available depending on your requirements. The air filters for furnaces provide extremely high quality of filtration performance which has a low pressure drop, thus energy efficient too. The filters do not absorb moisture and keep the air fresh and germ free.

The air furnace filters are designed in such a way that they need to meet the criterion that the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building system has certified. Air filters of the furnaces are so designed that they fit in easily, and the equipment does not require any modification. One needs to simply replace the existing disposable air filter with the upgraded and a fresh one.

The furnace air filters are made with advanced method using synthetic air media which utilizes the traditional mechanical filtration principles as well as the charged fibres. The fibres allow the Green pleat to achieve the desired level of perfection. Once perfected, the air filters would catch hold of all the contaminants which have polluted the air. The filters have high level of mechanical…

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