A Guide to Choosing a Tactical Knife

Tactical knives are usually thought of by the average person as a knive used by law enforcement agencies or the military.  This probably was the main reason they were developed and manufactured in the first place.  That is not the case in today’s world as the modern tactical knives are used everywhere that a knife can be used.  Even in the kitchen, a person uses a tactical knife to some degree because they would not normally use a butter knife to cur bread or carve a fish.

A List of 8 Features to Look for in Choosing a Tactical Knife:

1. Purpose of the Knife:

This is probably one of the most important features because the purpose of the knife will ultimately dictate which kind of tactical knife you should get.  Different branches of law enforcement agencies would require different types of tactical knives and certainly the military would require yet another.  Then you have fishermen, hunters and campers that may not need all the same features as the other groups.

2. Design:

Tactical knives should be light, easy to carry, easy to handle and strong.  These are the perfect qualities for a knife that was originally designed for use in hand to hand combat.  Usually they should be longer and stronger than a normal pocket knife and now many com e with a thumb-studfor one-handed openings, which would serve the law enforcement agencies and military very well.  Other modern tactical knives feature steel handle liners with cutouts along the grip which will aid in traction and make the knife lighter in weight as well.

3. Comfort:

The knife must feel comfortable when you use and handle it especially under stress.  There should be no pinch parts, sharp corners or an unnatural feel to the handle.  The tactical knife should feel almost like it was truly made just for you in its size, shape and weight.

4. Size:

The size of the tactical knife should also be reflective of the task you plan to use it for.  The usual recommended size for general use and carrying is a…

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