A Breakthrough in the $1 Billion+ Outdoor Furniture Market

Pad Soleil, designed and produced by Comfort In The Sun, is enhancing the American outdoor furniture experience. As company co-founder Penny Lindberg has observed, “I was experiencing the discomfort of outdoor furniture in the hot sun…. the arm rests often heat up so much that it’s uncomfortable, sometimes downright painful to rest one’s arms there.” Lindberg continues, “At outdoor parties, I saw hosts and hostesses scramble for towels or any kind of covering that would relieve that discomfort.” If you’ve ever laid back on a patio chair on a hot day, you know exactly what she is talking about!

After searching near and far, Lindberg and her friend Teri Cronin saw that there was no product on the market so they proceeded to develop their own. Along with friends Karen and Dennis Burke, they built a company around their patent-pending solution, a breakthrough product in the $1 billion+ U.S. outdoor furniture market. Their armrest cover, the Pad Soleil, is made from weather-resistant material that is color coordinated and/or pattern coordinated with your patio furniture’s seat cushions and/or back cushions. Each cover is attachable to an armrest in a convenient and attractive manner.

“The armrest covers are awesome!” Michelle Smith of Arizona said. “I can sit in a chair in my chaise lounge and the armrest covers give me a comfortable way to avoid the heat on my armrests.” “This is an armchair pad that is always on duty, hot or cold” Darcey Hauff of Washington said. “No slipping off the end or falling off the edges. It’s ALWAYS there!” As Ms. Hauff indicates, the Pad Soleil is just as helpful when armrests are uncomfortably cold, something that she experiences sometimes up in the Northwest.

Those are just two of Comfort in the Sun’s many highly satisfied customers, some of whom have even brought…

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