5 Successful Strategies Offers Support for Those in Recovery

Silvermist, an addiction treatment facility in western Pennsylvania, released their latest eBook, Sobriety Over the Holidays: 5 Successful Strategies, on Dec. 8.

The holiday season is often a difficult time for those who are committed to maintaining sobriety. However, rising to the challenges of the holidays while staying sober is largely a matter of planning ahead and preparing for these challenges.

Arriving just in time for Christmas and New Year’s, this eBook provides helpful tips for those in recovery as they face the unique challenges of back-to-back social gatherings that can create an increased likelihood of relapse. Topics covered include how to prioritize self-care, and why self-care is important for long-term recovery; tips to reduce stress; how to evaluate high-risk gatherings and determine whether an event poses an unacceptable threat to your recovery; strategies for coping with cravings to engage in substance use; and what steps to take in the case of a relapse.

Sobriety Over the Holidays: 5 Successful Strategies is available for free as a downloadable, fully illustrated PDF on Silvermist’s website at silvermistrecovery.com/ebooks/sobriety-over-the-holidays-5-successful-strategies/.

Located in beautiful rural Pennsylvania, Silvermist offers individualized inpatient and outpatient treatment for adults with substance use and mental health disorders. Silvermist sets the standard for addiction treatment on the East Coast by providing men and women a beautiful and discreet environment filled with all the amenities that support early recovery. Silvermist is grounded in the highest clinical standards and is committed to clinical integrity, community and education.

For more information about Silvermist or any of its programs, please call (724) 481-1284.

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