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A lot of people suffer from from memory loss, or weak memory. This is most relevant to students, who need memory for studying. There are safe and effective methods for strengthening memory. Dr. Pankaj Naram, a world renown Ayurvedic Practitioner and master pulse reader, gives daily tips on approving memory on the show called Yoga For your needs. I’m including a few tips which were mentioned by him, and some other recommendations.


Do marma therapy (process in which pressure is applied with different points to stimulate other body parts). Take your index finger and try to identify a small pulse at underneath part of your thumbs (left hand). Once you’ve located this point – press it six times with your index finger, applying a moderate number of pressure. Repeat this step six times on a daily basis.


Take a small number of ghee (clarified butter, which can be bought from any Indian Food market). Warm up a touch in a pan, at very low heating, so that it may well melt into liquid create. It should be available within 5-10 seconds. Once it has cooled off, dip your index and middle finger (both of your hands) into the ghee. Apply ghee at your temples, moving your fingers in a clockwise motion about ones temples. Do this movement 6 circumstances. You should also feel a small pulse at your temples. The ghee will quickly get absorbed. It will relax your mind and help boost your concentration.


Try to do some soduku, or cross word puzzle daily. When you are actively engaging in mental tasks, brain activity increases, and it results with improved brain function, and sharper memory.


Doing any form of training is also beneficial for your memory.


Drink almond milk. Soak 6-7 almonds right away. Peel their skins the next morning. Mash them to produce a paste. Boil one glass of milk, and add the paste to milk. Stir the milk until such time as it starts boiling. Once you are done you can pour the milk to a glass or cup. I usually like contributing 2-3 additional…

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