40 Years and Still Rocking

Founded by punk rock visionaries and ultimate self-made women Tish and Snooky, MANIC PANIC® is proud to announce its fortieth year of creating iconic hair color and cutting-edge color cosmetics. What started out as a small punk-style boutique, selling everything from clothing to makeup on St. Mark’s Place in New York City, has become a leader in the hair and cosmetics industry, best known for its rebellious hues. To commemorate the milestone, the brand will be celebrating throughout 2017 with some dynamic launches including a limited-edition Manniversary hair color in honor of its ‘dyehard’ fans.

The “herstory” of Tish and Snooky is a tale that exemplifies the American dream. As successful women entrepreneurs, the founders of Manic Panic are true pioneers who pave the way for generations of girls.

The two sisters grew up in the Bronx and were raised single-handedly by their mother, she herself the daughter of immigrants. It didn’t matter that they had little money as she gave them an abundance of unconditional love and encouragement to live their dreams.

From the time they were schoolgirls they began performing as singers, letting their creative juices fly and designing their own costumes. Their flamboyant style grew without boundaries as they hit the stages in the avant-garde music scene in 1970’s NYC. People were always asking them where they got their wild outfits so they got the idea to open their own boutique to sell what they loved to wear. Thus, MANIC PANIC was born on July 7, 1977, the name was coined by their mother.

The duo proudly ran their business without professional guidance, attracting rock ‘n’ roll royalty including David Bowie, Cher, The Ramones and Cindy Lauper. While members of Blondie’s original lineup, Tish and Snooky introduced their now-famous vibrant hair dyes…

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