4-Tell Launches Smart Commerce Platform to Fuel Digital Transformation for Merchants

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4-Tell today announced the release of its Smart Commerce Platform, which optimizes data-driven personalization for businesses and offers first-of-its-kind collaboration tools, such as digitally-curated product boards that are specific to each unique customer. The Smart Commerce Platform provides unprecedented access into consumer buying behaviors, allowing businesses to customize the shopping experience and engage with customers in real-time, both online and in-store.

The Smart Commerce Platform unifies real-time data from online and offline systems and applies machine-learning to determine detailed customer buying patterns and preferences. Revenue-driving insights are presented to merchants through comprehensive customer profiles, predictive recommendations and segment analytics to empower personalized interactions with every customer and build loyalty and long-term value.

“In the age of Amazon, driving customer loyalty has never been more critical for survival and long-term sustainability,” said Tom O’Keefe, president and chief executive officer of 4-Tell. “A personalized and collaborative omnichannel experience is the currency consumers are demanding in exchange for their loyalty.”

The Smart Commerce Platform supports digital transformation by elevating data-driven insights to employees at every level of the business, enabling companies to make informed merchandising, marketing and sales decisions while creating a seamless consumer brand experience across multiple channels. Ultimately, these tools help companies increase revenue and customer lifetime value while decreasing employee turnover.

“4-Tell’s products have always mastered two things: gathering customer insights and generating real-time recommendations based on that behavior,” said Ken Levy, chief data scientist and co-founder of 4-Tell. “Now, we’re surfacing that intelligence to every facet of the organization and giving them the tools to execute these personalized insights across multiple channels and through every employee, creating a seamless digital transformation for businesses.”

With the Smart Commerce Platform, merchants will also have access to ‘Your Store’ – a proprietary tool that allows sales representatives to manually curate product boards for each unique customer. The platform’s customer intelligence also fuels automated ecommerce product recommendations and enhanced site search, while enabling the flexibility to digitally collaborate with buyers.

About 4-Tell

4-Tell is an innovator in digital commerce technology that provides personalization and data analytics solutions. 4-Tell enables merchants to build long-term relationships with customers and increase revenue through its digital commerce solutions, including real-time product recommendations, digitally-curated product boards, comprehensive customer profiles, segment analytics and enhanced site search to fuel personalization in retail. For more information, visit http://www.get4tell.com.

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