3 Simple Steps to Maintaining Your Sanity

Do you both dread and look forward to the holidays? Do you often feel overwhelmed and harried during this ‘joyful’ time? For business owners across most industries, the holiday season can be the fastest-paced time of year.  Whether you’re printing order upon order of holiday cards or wrapping gifts in your store-front, your customers have high expectations during these weeks and you must be ready to respond to their needs if you want to make your 2011 business year a success.

But wait.  What’s that you say?  Your spouse’s office party is this weekend.  Your child needs you to bake cupcakes for a fundraising event.  And, grandma is coming to town for a visit.  Just as business is bursting, life’s commitments are popping up too.

How does one prevent overload with the holiday season looming ahead?  How can business owners maintain a sense of balance and focus at this time of year?  Use the Three-Step Approach to Maintaining Sanity.

Sanity Step One:  Evaluate your short-term priorities.  Take a look at the various areas of your life: family, work, religion, finances, health & wellbeing, social interests, and intellectual development.  Spend a few minutes deciding how much of your time you want to devote to each of these areas over the next couple of months.

Sanity Step Two: Make choices based on your priorities.  Now that you have spent the time looking at your overall priorities for the season, get specific.  Review the events and commitments that are coming up.  Decide if they are in line with the way you have chosen to allocate your time over the holiday season.  If intellectual development was way down on the list, maybe this is not the right time to take that night course?  Or, if family climbed right up to the top, don’t forgo Aunt Cassie’s invite to a holiday dinner because of work.  Figure out a way to make it to her house!

Sanity Step Three:  Practice 80% scheduling.  With your priorities and commitments aligned, you’re…

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