2 Most Important Horse Supplements to Consider

There are literally hundreds of types of horse supplements you can buy for your horse, including de-wormers, garlic supplements and digestive aids. Still, giving your horse everything it needs doesn’t need to cost a fortune, nor do you need to buy tons of different supplements in most cases. Two of the most important supplements you can buy for horse health include equine feed balancers and joint supplements. Let’s talk about why these are so important.

Equine Feed Balancers

Feed balancers are perhaps the most important supplements for equine nutrition and they have been proven and tested extensively. Used for decades, feed balancers contain many essential minerals and vitamins to keep your horse feeling and looking great. There are many types of feed balancers, which help your horse avoid nutrient deficiency.

The four main types of feed balancers for equine nutrition include performance, veteran, everyday use and low calorie supplements, each with a different ratio of nutrients. Performance feed balancers are designed for performance horses, such as those competing or with a heavy workload. These horse supplements give your horse more energy, as well as iron and copper for increasing red blood cells, which improves oxygen transportation throughout the body for more performance and endurance.

A veteran feed balancer, on the other hand, typically has reduced caloric content with extra MSM and glucosamine to strengthen your horse’s joints. Choosing a feed balancer for horse health should be based on your horse’s age, workload, diet, condition and any ailments.

Joint Supplements

If you know anything about horses, you know these beautiful animals are prone to joint problems and most horses suffer from a joint condition at one point or another. To keep your horse’s joints strong, buy horse supplements for joints to minimize the risk of injury. Joint health with also improve your horse’s quality of life and well-being.

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